28 July 2009


This little gem is a dream come true:

It's a combination Holga and Polaroid. And it's only $175. Err...I'll take back the 'only' part. I would sell $175 worth of clothing to get this camera. If my clothing is even worth that much. Which I highly doubt, considering most of it is thrifted. Time to sell that $98 Anthropologie dress which was worn twice.

But if those plans at gaining income fail, well, I suppose it's back to babysitting for $10/hour. Thats...17.5 hours of babysitting (the good thing about blogging is that you don't get to see how long it took me to figure out that amount).

Au Revoir xx


  1. how do you go about selling things?

  2. To thrift shops or second hand stores. I'm also planning on selling some cds.

  3. i see. sounds like a plan. although you might want to rip the music to itunes first.

  4. Ooh, that's awesome! If your school has a poetry contest - enter it. That's was a good money making technique for me xD.