13 July 2009

Sigh no more, ladies...

...sigh no more. Men were deceivers ever. One foot in sea, and one on shore. To one thing constant never. But sigh not so, and let them go. And be you blithe and bonny. Converting all your sounds of woe into 'Hey nonny nonny'.

Recently watched Kenneth Branagh's version of Much Ado About Nothing. It's fantastic. The cast is amazing. I was particularly enamoured with a young Robert Sean Leonard (of House fame). Boy is he handsome. Plus Emma Thompson is great, as usual, as is Kenneth Branagh and Denzel Washington. Wasn't a big fan of Keanu Reaves' performance, but it was effective, although not much more than that.

That being said, go watch that film. Really, do.

Au Revoir xx

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