29 April 2010


I was reduced to nothing more than a silly fangirl upon seeing this (warning: contains some swearing, if you are a pure, innocent child):

I am so incredibly excited for this film to come out. Bill Hicks was one of my favourite comedians/people of all time. (OF ALL TIME!) So it's about time they made a tribute film. Oh goodness am I excited. Every time I watch this I become more excited about this film. Eeeeee!

Au Revoir xx

20 April 2010

The Mariner

This set I made has got me in such a summery mood. Basically I saw the shirt on net-a-porter.com and it seemed sort of sailor-ish. So I decided to make an outfit with that theme. Of course I was trying to find those sailor-y shorts, but I decided these Chloé shorts were just too good. So the Paul and Joe shirt and the Tory Burch sandals combined with that are really what I like about this set.

Shirt, shorts, and sandals from net-a-porter.com. For more info on the set you can check it out on my Polyvore page here.

Au Revoir xx

p.s - I'm really starting to get the hang of Polyvore. It's fun.

17 April 2010

Miu Miu (x2)

(rhyme time!)

So I'm a bit late on the collections. Err...more than a bit. But anyways, I thought I'd share my favourite looks from the Miu Miu Spring '10 and Fall '10 Ready-to-Wear collections.


Photos from style.com

I'm also a fan of these shoes:

(photo from net-a-porter.com)

Au Revoir xx

16 April 2010


I love Shanghai.

Really. I do. And I bought some stuff there. Which I like. And I'm not speaking very well today. Please don't mind me. Me and mum raced off to Uniqlo, which is a lovely Japanese store/company. They've got three stores in Shanghai, a bunch more in Japan, probably some elsewhere in China. As well as some stores elsewhere. But alas, their only US store as of late is in New York. Which is far away from me. By a lot. So, my mum and I bought things there first. The things I bought there were:

A lovely blazer-type jacket. Which I've been wearing non-stop since.

This tee-shirt, which I wore to a MUSE concert. (italics, bold..ness, and capital letters for emphasis. maybe a post later on it? If I have decent pictures.).

And those things, along with some socks because I was running out, were what I bought at Uniqlo. I wish I could've bought more things there, but the jacket was expensive enough for me (a whopping 299 RMB, which is about 45 US dollars, if I got that conversion right. So I'm broke. And $45 is a bit much for me to spend. On anything except maybe a concert ticket every once in a while.)

All the other things I bought were from various stores and such that didn't have any websites or online...things. And my camera is icky. So I'll see if I can get those up at some point.

再见 xx