13 July 2010

Think for yourself. Question Authority.

No, this is not some teenage rebellion post, I'm simply quoting the amazing, talented Bill Hicks. This bit is played as an intro to the Tool song "Third Eye" when the band plays it live. Speaking of the band playing live, I got to see them in concert. My goodness what an experience. They were so great live. And did I mention the show was completely sold out? Well it was. And you know what that means. It was packed. They played at the Bill Graham Civic Theater in San Francisco and my friend Drew and I were right there. It's basically a dream come true for me. And I don't use that term lightly. It's been my dream since I first started listening to them over a year ago to see them in concert. And they sure as hell delivered. I realise they have nothing to do with fashion or whatever the hell else this blog is about, but as far as I'm concerned, they're one of the most phenomenal bands ever. So therefore I will write about them. Or rather, I will gush about them.

(photo from here)
They played a two hour set. Which was really only about 12 or 13 songs, given the length of each one, but was amazing, nonetheless. Me being short, I couldn't actually see anyone in the band, except for the occasional glimpses of guitarist Adam Jones. But goodness, the concert was amazing. Minus the toes being stomped upon and the drinks being spilt. But I guess that adds to the character of the show. Also, minus one drunk asshole who decided to push me into the mosh pit. Tool concerts are really not for moshing.

I was kinda disappointed that  they didn't play "Wings Part 2", because as Drew put it, "If they played that song, everyone would be crying. I would've been crying too." That is the effect of the song. And I imagine even more so live.

So, now that I have gloated, why don't you take a listen?

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